What About Those Pearly Whites? Posted on 06 Apr 10:23

Is teeth whitening worth it? If you look at every ad ever, it would seem so.

It is ever-popular in the United States, and not only is it common or expected for the people seen on TV and in films, it is also trickling down and common in the consumer market too.

It is glamorous, it is trendy, and it seems here to stay for a least a little while.


If you have already tried or already considered teeth whitening, you’ve probably seen the aisles filled with everything from whitening pens to strips to trays to toothpastes and mouthwashes. The options seem absolutely endless, spanning multiple brands and each promising to give you whiter teeth quicker than the other guys.


Any of those drugstore options are perfect for people who want to try out teeth whitening on their own time or on a budget. They may or may not get your teeth to your desired shade in the desired amount of time you want, but it gives you the control over the application period.


But that’s not it, as far as options go. There are professional whitening companies you can go to that will do the work for you during your appointment. That route may be preferred for someone who is willing to spend the money to get professionally-white teeth in record time.


Whether you are intrigued by tried-and-true popular brands, dentist-recommended options, or a professional whitening company, there are a few personal things you should be considering for the health of your teeth. Although teeth whitening has expanded and improved lately, there is still the potential for it to create or increase some tooth sensitivity. Before purchasing a whitening system, consider the sensitivity of your teeth currently. If you already experience sensitivity while eating or have visibly lost enamel, you should get your dentist’s opinion on whether teeth whitening systems are safe for you. While you’re at it, ask your dentist how often you can safely whiten your teeth—it may be surprising for some, how infrequently we can safely use a whitening system (versus a gradual teeth whitening toothpaste for example).


But remember, teeth whitening overall is just a cultural norm. You don’t need it, and smiling is just as enjoyable and just as expressive of joy and pure happiness, no matter what your teeth look like!