What Do We Think Of What We Put On Our Feet?

I remember passing a guy on campus when I was in college who never ever wore shoes (even in below freezing temperatures)—and it got me thinking, what really does shoes do for us now? Now that we are decently advanced human beings, deep in scientific advancement, with a broad knowledge of how the human body behaves, have we evolved to design shoes that measure up to the knowledge we have now? Or are we just simply making surface changes and making shoes that follow trends…


In my opinion, it’s the latter. There are some lead innovators, but for the most part I think companies are making aesthetic changes that appeal to a mass market. And that is logical too—with the direction retail has been heading in most recently. But it calls into question whether or not we could do more, if what is on the market isn’t quite what we want in our clothing.


Take heels for instance. Heels have been a decidedly “feminine” clothing item for well over a century. The height and shape of the heel changes slightly over time to announce a new trend to buy into—but the heel keeps coming back. And given that it hinders mobility (if models can’t always walk in these creations, how can we?), it is odd that we consider it “protective wear” for our feet. If they don’t assist our feet and our walking at all, why hasn’t it faded out of trends yet? Why haven’t we found a new style of allure?


One more pitfall with trends dictating footwear is how hard it is to present customizable options. If you have already discovered your own woes with footwear, you probably just as quickly discovered that it can be hard to get your hands on a unique creation you have in your mind.


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