What is Work-Appropriate Makeup These Days?

Thanks to YouTube tutorials, makeup blogs and social media platforms, people of all ages have more access than ever to beauty tips and product insight.

With the emergence of complex full-face routines and the current emphasis on impeccably-bold eye looks, it can be hard for the recent college grad or even the seasoned employee to figure out what makeup looks are appropriate for the office—and we are here to help.

Some ideas to keep in mind when developing your go-to work look include:

1. How much makeup is too much for the daytime office: Whether you apply many or just a few products, makeup will become much more noticeable (in a bad way) when it is not properly applied or set.

To avoid makeup that cakes, settles into fine lines or runs throughout the day, consider two important steps before applying your makeup- moisturizer and primer.

Knowing what makeup products work for your skin is always beneficial, and bringing makeup wipes, facial mist or setting powder with you to work is a helpful means to combat that mid-day decay, but applying skincare that smooths out and preps the skin is perhaps your best (and most long-term) solution for maintaining a fresh look.

2. Skip the night-time look: Are there makeup steps you never skip when preparing for a night out?

Perhaps you should skip them for the office. Here we mean strong contour, excessive highlight, and bold false lashes. Save your powder “baking” and over-lined lips for the next girl’s night out.

3. Address problem areas for a confidence boost: Instead of trying to complete a full-step makeup regime before work, focus your time and products on addressing a problem area for a quick confidence boost.

Feeling comfortable and confident at work should be your priority, so that you can be ready to tackle new challenges and get the most out of your day.
4. And lastly, keep in mind differences in job types:

With all that being said, consider and modify any of these suggestions depending on what your job field is.

The CEO on Wall Street is going to have a different makeup “dress code” than the freelance makeup artist. When in doubt, do a quick Google search about your industry or take people already in your field out to lunch to get a grasp on what the norm is and adjust accordingly.