What On Earth Am I Supposed To Do With This Zit? Posted on 20 Mar 10:54

Zits plague us all. They pop up uninvited at the worst of times, but because they are so common-place, we of course have dealt with them too and have learned some tricks along the way for how to best handle these unwanted visitors.


1.Type the pimple: Understanding what kind of pimple you are dealing with helps you make the right action plan. Has it surfaced? Is it red or white? Is it a new one or has it been there some time? Large or small? Painful? Before going any further, make sure you know what you are working with.


2.How to tackle each kind: A great general rule for all pimples is to not touch them! Leave them alone to work out themselves to prevent acne scarring. This is especially true for all blemishes that have not surfaced yet—forcing them and squeezing them will not only be painful but most likely push some of the inflamed fluid further into the pore. If it is a white-capped blemish, applying a small dab of a drying lotion or other “spot treatment” product can help dry it out and reduce the appearance of the pimple as it works itself out and goes away. If you have a bunch of small bumps over a section of your face and are unsure whether its acne or not, be aware that it may be inflamed pores or an allergic-type of reaction to a product you are using or a food intolerance. If in doubt, if any pimple is suspicious and hard to identify, then move on to suggestion 3 and seek out a dermatologist.


3.When to seek professional help: Going to a skin specialist for a specific facial treatment can help when you normally have wonderful skin but are facing the odd outbreak or unusual reaction to something. If you have consistently problematic skin however, then it is best to make an appointment with a dermatologist. A dermatologist can help pinpoint what might be the underlying issue and come up with a regime or medicine to use depending on the issue at hand.


If you are currently dealing with some breakouts, don’t worry! We here at Skin Pi hope all your skin-woes are cured soon.