What to do on a Bad Skin Day

So your skin’s not behaving? You have an event you wanted to look good for but you broke out.

Or you woke up with dry flaky skin that the most luminous foundation can’t seem to correct, the list of complaints can go on and on and we’ve all experienced it. Sometimes in life we have “bad skin days”—where our skin is just not cooperating but it’s out of reach of a quick fix.

The next time you find yourself stuck in this situation, here’s what you can do to minimize the emotional pain and help your skin out.

Staying home?

Now is the time to decide between pampering your skin and leaving your skin completely alone.

Some situations call for one over the other; for example, if you feel that your skin is acting up because you deviated from your routine (A.K.A ate poorly, stopped exercising, haven’t left the house in days, feel low, tried out new products) then go back to your routine.

It may even be a good idea to do a little “detox” to remedy the bad habits, meaning for a day or two stop touching your face, don’t over cleanse, and just let it be, and then pick up your steady routine of products so your skin can adjust back to what it’s used to.

But if your skin is not acting up because of a broken routine, then this is the perfect time to do a little pampering; put on a face mask, get a facial or choose some other skin pick-me-up that you know will help your skin out in the long run.

Or need to be in public?

If you have places to be on one of these days, use only tried-and-true products to lessen the chance of skin aggravation. There’s no need to be adventurous with makeup or skincare here, often sticking to a routine is what helps our skin the most.

If you plan on attempting to help your skin by giving it a break despite having a schedule to keep, then opt for a makeup-free day to let your skin breathe. You will find you can often conceal issues with a hat or sunglasses instead, and as a bonus running errands will feel like it’s a covert mission.


Best of luck with your skin today!