What To Pack In Your Purse

Until we get the pockets we’ve all been asking for, we shall settle for lugging around these purses. And while we have the space, we might as well strategically fill them up with the items that may come in handy when we least expect it.


Depending on where you are going, whether that be school, work, a night out, errands or on a trip much further, what we may need obviously differs. So we have broken down the most common things we can’t leave home without, and you can choose the products from each category that fit your needs.


Keeping in touch: your phone, charger, laptop and other electronics may be useful to you on your journey for not only staying in touch, but for work, capturing moments, and navigation if you get lost. Keep in mind the weight and size of the different electronic items so you aren’t carrying too heavy of a load.


Means to an end: your wallet, keys and I.D. are a no-brainer for just about anywhere you might need to go (the grocery store, a night out, a quick escape from the country…). If you find yourself always losing these essentials, consider using a purse with a built in clip designed to secure your keys and keep them conveniently in one place always. There are also purses with center divider zip pockets, perfect for storing a wallet!  


Quick Fixes: lip balm, lotion, blot papers, deodorant wipes, and perfumes are the items that will truly save you in a pinch. It might seem like a lot of “extras” to be keeping in your purse, but the next time you have to give an unexpected presentation, are stuck at the airport longer than you expected or make impromptu plans to go out to dinner with someone after work, you will be glad you have the goods to freshen up however you prefer.


Emergencies: notepad and pencil, safety pin, hair tie or clip, extra pads and tampons (for you or others), and Band-aids, are such life-lavers that I wish I could say no pun intended. The truth of the matter is, yes, that is a lot to put in your purse. But you yourself know the kind of situations you get into most often. Do you have a habit of noticing a broken seam or button after you already left home—bring a safety pin. Do you feel encumbered and frustrated when your hair is in the way—then you know you need extra hair ties around. Just knowing yourself and what items you frequently wish you had a moment’s notice, can help you build your most efficient bag.