What's More Important (To You)—Skincare Or Makeup?

Each of us may gravitate towards one or the other, even if we dabble or dedicate time to both. Both can be important and yet, completely different.


Makeup feels subject to trends more so than skincare, and is more temporary too. You can alter your look much more with makeup, creating a new “you” in a way, that you can wash off that night. But skincare is a long term form of self-care, and you can find yourself looking healthier and more radiant over time. There are obvious pro’s to each, and that is why so many of us may be more excited for one process over the other—and more excited to stock up on those specific products.


Would you say you focus on each equally, or do you have a favorite?

And does what we prefer say something about our aesthetics, self-confidence, age, generational influence or personal goals? Perhaps so.


Without knowing it, many factors affect our decision making, even in the beauty aisle.

For instance, brands use advertising that targets our age groups; everything from the packaging to the platforms they use to get our attention are all purposefully chosen to best reach their desired demographic. This in part is affected by our society’s ideals surrounding age and beauty, which is why you will see so many skincare products targeted towards the woman over 30, and so many makeup products targeted towards the adolescent woman. We also are more likely to value “word of mouth”, and try the brands and products that people we trust recommend to us—meaning we may end up using the brands our mothers told us about, or the products our friends gush about. And even though these outside influences are strong, we may override these subconscious pulls to skincare over makeup, or makeup over skincare, with our desire to see results in the products we use.


But despite the influences that affect our preferences, there are benefits unique to both, and there is nothing wrong with liking one more over the other. Makeup and skincare are here for you to enjoy, and use how you want to.