Who Should Be Doing Your Facial?

When I ask around within my circle of friends and family about their skincare habits, it’s surprising to me how divided people are about professional skincare. Some of my friends have been getting facials since Junior High, for instance, while others tried their first face mask just this month in the privacy of their own home. With such a wide variety of comfort levels and interest surrounding skincare, it’s not shocking at all that some types of treatments may suit us better over others. If you are on the fence about getting a facial by a skin expert or sticking to DIY treatments, let’s help you weigh the pro’s and con’s.


When you are doing facials yourself at home, there are certain comforts it affords. For instance, if you have social anxiety or are uncomfortable with physical contact with strangers (which some of us are!), doing your own facials and skincare alleviates that unnecessary stress. Also, DIY facials are more often more cost and time sensitive; you can find great face masks at a drugstore price, and by doing it at home you have the option of multitasking if you want to. The ability to reply to emails while letting your mask dry, however, can be a drawback for some. If you enjoy the overall pampering effect of going to a spa to get a facial, then this DIY approach probably won’t work for you.


Getting your facials done for you, on the other hand, has almost the exact opposite benefits and drawbacks. Getting a facial done by a professional means you will leave having more intimate knowledge about your skin type and what products may work best for you. Also, you are guaranteed to get that immersive, fully-relaxing environment, letting you feel spa-like tranquility and like you truly treated yourself. You can even go with friends and make an outing of it! That all comes at a cost of course, to your schedule and bank account. Most facials can come at a hefty price, and although facials don’t typically last hours on end, it may be hard none-the-less to fit it into your schedule.


Still stuck on the fence? Perhaps treat yourself to both options, at least just once! Consider it an experiment for the greater good of your skin, while pampering yourself at the same time. You deserve it.