Why Do You Wear Makeup?

If you read our last article on whether more permanent makeup will be the future of cosmetics, perhaps it got you thinking on just what makeup means to you.

I think we all wear makeup for different reasons but those reasons might not make us so different from one another. Some of us feel an internal or external pressure to wear makeup to conform to society’s expectations. Perhaps someone along the way told you “you’d look so pretty with a little makeup on” and that got you thinking or got you experimenting with products. Maybe you wear makeup as a means to empower yourself, or hide an insecurity. Do you use it to cover up a scar or blemishes, or dark circles because you can never fall asleep?

I think whether the goal is to look different from ourselves or the same, we enjoy makeup for the truly versatile chameleon that it is. We can look virtually any way we want to look and we can use makeup however we want to, with nearly the only side effect being the negativity we might receive from others. Makeup is art for some, and as we’ve seen with the emergence of social media influencers, you can make a career out of it too.

Knowing why we gravitate towards makeup and how we like to wear it, not only gives us insight into our own lives but also gives the cosmetic industry new ideas for the future of makeup.

Do you know why you wear makeup personally? Feel free to let us know what makeup does for you on one of our social media platforms if you’d like. We hope that however you personally use your makeup, that it brings you joy every single day.