Why We Can't Ever Love Our Hair

Amongst the many things I talk about with friends, the next hairstyle we want is consistently one of them—even if we just made a dramatic change this month. It seems, that no matter your age, us women (and perhaps men too) are never completely satisfied with our hair style for long. When we take the plunge and cut it off into a short, chic rocker bob—we want it long again. When we grow it out down to our waists—we get sick of it. When we dye it a new color—we are quickly over how often we need to touch up our roots. And when we try the low-maintenance route—we find ourselves wondering why our hair looks lackluster.


Some of us enjoy the constant change and find it refreshing and creative, while others want to find their “holy grail” style and stick to it. Our struggle to find the perfect cut is closely tied to our fickle nature with hair and our propensity to treat hair like an accessory more so than a body part.


We want to try all the trends, and that’s not inherently a bad thing, until you realize there will never be a shortage of trends. We are flooded with the images of trendy, desirable hairstyles our entire lives, relishing in the instant gratification of the style and completely ignoring the daily battle we will face when it doesn’t grow back as quick as we think it should. It takes work, time and money to get the style you want, and then it takes work, time and money to change it.


All this boils down into why it is just so hard to love our hair. How on earth can we love our hair as it is—or our bodies or our jobs or our possessions—when we are planning the next thing we want as soon as we get the current obsession.


We don’t have the solution per say, to solving your hair woes. But knowing others experience a similar frustration to you—and knowing why—can be a power in itself. If you can find satisfaction in the hair you have now and patience for the one you want next, you are ahead of the curve. But if you do crave millions of hairstyles, why not try them all? Why let something as simple as hair be the dream unlived in your lifetime?