Why You Need Three Go-To Hairstyles No Matter What New Cut You Get Posted on 05 Apr 11:16

Lots of us change up our hairstyles and haircuts throughout the year, meaning there is often a period of time of figuring out what looks you can create—and which you like best—with each new do. As challenging as it may be to lock down three different styles that are a homerun for you each time, NOT having a fail-proof hairstyle that can come to your rescue on a bad hair day is much, much worse.


Taking the time to figure out three hairstyles you love is important, because it saves you time in the long run. Think of the initial experimenting period as an investment; you spend a few days or a week testing out what styles your hair can achieve, and then down the road when you wake up late and have 10 minutes to look put-together for that interview or presentation or lunch date with someone new, voilà! you are ready.


Since knowing what you like makes it easier on yourself to have the hair you want, we have a few recommended styles to try to add to your bag-of-tricks.


  1. Find a pulled-up, pulled-back look that works for you. These looks are so versatile, and can be especially great to get hair out of your face for gym time or when your hair is dirty.


  1. Know how to edit your hair when it’s down. For example, is it just not sitting right? How can you change it to like the way it looks down? Maybe that means adding texture spray, straightening pieces of your hair, creating some waves, etc.


  1. Have your go-to impressive look—that refined look, that elegant look, that “going out” look, whatever floats your boat. That one easy go-to hairstyle that makes you feel extra put together and ready for an event. Maybe it’s a half up half down for you, maybe it’s a low bun with whispy bangs, whatever it is, you will be grateful you have it when you feel rushed getting ready.