Why You Should Be Doing OOTD's

When we think of OOTD’s (Outfit Of The Day), we think of celebrities and models and Instagram stars. And yes, while it may seem more normal for someone who’s job or lifestyle includes it, we all should be taking them.


You don’t need to post them, and you don’t need to share them, just save them to a private photo album on your phone




is there any better way to document your “glow up”, help you figure out your style, or make you notice trends in what triggers your skin or health, than to have proof of those changes over time?


Document your glow up:  If you have ever looked at old photographs and remarked on how you have changed, you can already see how photographs are great for documenting your physical changes. But why only look back at landmark photographs from your life? If you take consistent photos, whether that’s daily for you or weekly, then you will be able to see the progress you are making in any sort of physical changes you are working on. If you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle or grow your hair out, having OOTD’s will help you realize that you ARE making progress, during any moment of doubt in which you think you can’t see any change and want to give up. You will be able to look through your album and spot the small differences that will encourage you to stick to your goals.


Figure out your style: Likewise, daily OOTD’s help you to be aware of the many facets to your style and wardrobe. They will show you how often you repeat outfits, what clothes you gravitate towards, what pieces are missing from your wardrobe, and what styles you like best on yourself. It will also encourage you to mix up your outfits, and help you discover how to pose in photos as well.


Helps you figure out what triggers your skin: Lastly, if you take photographs showing your face as well, you can spot trends and changes in your skin health. If you are prone to breakouts or temperamental skin, documenting your skin by sneaking it into your OOTD’s will help make you aware of how it’s doing and encourage you to think up reasons for the changes. For example, if you notice pictures taken in different seasons have different skin assessments overall, then it’s time to adjust your skincare and makeup for the weather.