Yoga: 3 Dirty Reasons To Wear A Facial Mask After Practice Posted on 04 Aug 21:02

Do you know the true meaning of the word Yoga?

Anyone who practices yoga regularly can tell you about the myriad of benefits that come from regular practice.

Increased flexibility, more connectivity with your body and improved physical as well as mental strength are just a few of the positive benefits that yogis enjoy.

Yoga, especially hot yoga and vinyasa, can make you sweat profusely, which feels amazing and is extremely cleansing, but the skin is one of the body’s main organs of elimination.

This means that a good portion of the toxins you have accumulated, from pizza to booze to caramel Frappuccinos are being sweat out through your pores- making it tough on your skin.

Just as yoga helps restore your mind, body and soul, wearing a face mask after a yoga session provides a wide variety of benefits as well.

Your Skin Needs a Deep Cleanse

Remember how we discussed earlier that your skin is your body’s main organ of elimination? That means a majority of what you are putting into your body is coming out through your pores.

While washing your face is a good start, wearing a face mask takes cleansing to a whole new level. A face mask will draw out impurities that hide beneath the top layer of your skin and leave you with smoother skin that feels soothed and revitalized.

Who doesn’t love that?

It Helps Unclog Pores and Prevents Bacteria

Clogged pores are always trouble. One of the biggest benefits in wearing a face mask after yoga class is its ability to unclog pores.

Usually the worst chemicals that our body produces become trapped deep in our pores and clogs them up. This is when bacteria can develop and breakouts can occur not to mention that oil and dirt make your pores look bigger.

Activated charcoal is a great ingredient to look for in a face mask. When used in a face mask, it binds to and helps pull the dirt out that is deep in your pores helping detoxify and deep clean your skin.

Since activated charcoal is all natural, you won’t be adding any foreign chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it. This helps give your skin an uplifting plump of skin appearance and glow.

Your Skin Needs The Moisture

Moisturizing after your yoga practice is extremely important.

Hot yoga and vinyasa can cause you to sweat out a lot of water that is stored in your body. After class this can cause your skin to be extra dry and rehydrating it is a must.

If you keep your skin deprived of water for too long, your skin cells will start to age. Keeping your skin hydrated means skin cells can repair themselves and produce fresh cells.

This keeps your skin operating at peak performance, and it also helps gives your skin a fresh radiant glow.

If you are using a single sheet face mask, you can simply rub in the essence once you have removed the mask.

This helps makes skin care easy and effective.

Pro Tip: Wearing The Mask

One of our favorite times to wear a yoga mask is at the end of our practice. Single sheet face masks are extremely easy to slip on toward the end of class.

A good face mask will be able to keep up with your active lifestyle and stay on your face as your practice comes to a close.

Wearing a mask will not only help repair and rejuvenate your skin at the of end class, but it will also help relax your mind, making skin care a breeze.

The word yoga means union so put on your mask and find your center.

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