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Confidence is beautiful, wear it daily

We here at Skin Pi believe that beauty isn’t just a physical asset, it’s a lifestyle that gives you the power to shine and exude confidence wherever you go! 
We pride ourselves as being a beauty brand that wholly believes in this progressive philosophy of self-love at the forefront of all you do.
We would love to see the best version of you blossom. Embrace the perfect you by discovering a simple beauty ritual; perfect for your skin and pairing it with exercise, clean eating and most importantly, a zest for life. Remember happiness is contagious, so smile and let the world see your glow.

Our Founder

A former runway model for major international brands, Skin Pi founder, Goby Liu, became well educated in beauty routines, which allowed her to put her best face forward on the catwalk. After becoming a mother, her priorities shifted and she set out to create products that would be remarkably effective, easy to use, and completely safe when transferred from your face to your baby’s sensitive skin. Her passionate approach and commitment to consciously caring for her children manifested into what Skin Pi is today.



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